Bridal Chorus                                                                Canon in D Minor                                                                       Greensleeves

Harp Music
Colleen has been playing the Harp for over twenty-five years. She studied with a number of accomplished harpists such as Sylvia Woods, Pamela Bruner and Coral Martens-Sims. She has performed at weddings, fundraising events and private parties in the San Francisco Bay Area. Colleen continued her Harp studies over the years and in 2014 she shifted her focus of study and began her path to become a Certified Harp Therapist. She joined the Harp Therapy Program at California Pacific Medical Center with Portia Diwa as lead faculty. This course of study included weekly classes, individual lessons, and participation in the Healing Harp at the Bedside Program where Harpists learn to become Harp Therapists playing music for patients in the recovery room after surgery or in the hospice setting when patients need comfort.

Fee's for Harp Event Services are $200 for a 2 hour solo performance, $500 for 3 hours and $700 for 4 hours. Colleen will work with you on selecting the appropriate music for your event. Please bring requests for specific musical pieces at least 90 days in advance of your event.

Harp Therapy:
Since ancient times the harp has been used as an instrument of healing. The therapeutic use of harps was based on ancient observations that the vibrations emitted by the harp possessed unusual power both to calm and to energize humans and animals. The theory is that within our bodies, sound vibrations are bouncing around as our atomic components move, and these vibrations can be influenced by the external sound vibrations of a musical instrument. According to a study on harp therapy for hospital patients released in 2015, "the vibrational patterns of the patient's body and mind are influenced by the intentional sequencing of tones and rhythms of the harp vibrations, which lead to changes in how symptoms are experienced". The study found that the quality of life measures of fatigue, anxiety, sadness, relaxation, and pain were significantly improved by harp therapy in 30-50 percent of patients. Harp Therapy is not a performance, there is no set pieces to be played. A Harp Therapist is seen as a companion rather than a performer for the person's journey. As your Harp Therapist I intuitively play sounds that allow deep relaxation, improvement of sleep, decreased anxiety, stabilization of vital signs, ease pain and improvement of mood. With end of life harp music it can help a patient to achieve a peaceful transition.

Fee's for Harp Therapy Services are $125 per session and are limited to patients recovering from an illness or surgery in either a hospital or home setting and for hospice care. No one will be turned away due to limited financial resources. Please inquire about my affiliation with a Volunteer Harp Therapy Group if you or a loved one would like to benefit from the healing a harp can bring.