Colleen Kane-Dacri PhD
Larkspur, CA. 94939

Ever since I was a little girl I loved Weddings. On Saturday mornings my older sisters would take me for a walk and we would sit in front of our parish church and wait for the brides to come out to have a peek at them. It was great fun. I loved being a bride when I got married. I have had a lot of experience participating in every aspect of wedding preparation. I took a particular interest in floral design. I attended floral design classes and began helping friends with flowers for their Weddings. It was my greatest pleasure to get up in the middle of the night and drive to San Francisco in the dark and go the San Francisco Flower Mart where I would enter this enormous kingdom of flowers and buy flowers wholesale. I teamed up with my friend and neighbor and we did a number of Weddings together. I often arranged flowers at the various fund raisers I was involved with as it was a great contribution to help a non profit while I did something I enjoyed so much. Friends would tell me to "go into the floral industry". I already had such passion in my work as a psychotherapist . I have spent many years performing as a harpist at weddings. After attending hundreds of Weddings I found the Wedding Ceremonies to lack depth and meaning. I have been practicing as a couples therapist  and knew how much intimacy and connectedness couples achieved through the conversations they had in therapy. Most of the Wedding Ceremonies I witnessed had no real sense of connectedness between what a true marital relationship is and what was said at the Wedding Ceremony. It inspired me to become a wedding officiant and perform Wedding Ceremonies. I am an individual who honors Universal Spirituality and therefore I sought to become a Non-Denominational Minister who honors all spiritual practices that honor the soul life of a person. I discovered Universal Life Church and in 1985 I became an Ordained Minister and began performing Wedding Ceremonies. I have felt deeply honored to work with every couple. I appreciate and value their trust in me. We plan together, brainstorm, outline, draft, edit, and edit again until the couple give their final approval on the Ceremony. Then I practice, memorize, rehearse and perform the Ceremony with great anticipation and joy! I would love the opportunity to work with you to write a customized Wedding Ceremony. Please call me so we can set up a time for an initial meeting. I look forward to hearing from you!

Warm regards,
Colleen Kane-Dacri

Colleen Kane-Dacri Ph.D. is a psychotherapist providing counseling to children, teens, young adults, adults, seniors, couples, and families.
She has offices in Larkspur and San Francisco. She helps people with depression, anxiety, PTSD, postpartum depression, parenting problems, marriage and pre-marital counseling, addiction and sex therapy. Visit her website at